Japanese industrial arts are rich in variety and most of them date back to antiquity. Celadon porcelain was always valued highly and has been given special treatment by the literati. It is the acme of Oriental art. Many masters polish their skills, compete with each other and continue to pursue its beauty. A special property of celadon porcelain is it's blue color, which is achieved without adding any paint. In the process of baking, the temperature in a kiln finally reaches almost 1300 ‹C. At that moment the inside minerals of potter's clay start to emit light and the everlasting blue comes out.

"Yuragi", presented in this Web site, is a brand of celadon porcelain by a Japanese master from Kyoto. He inherited traditional porcelain manufacturing áKiyomizuyakiâ and breathed new life into it. The master manages all processes by himself and preserves both high quality and the flavor of handwork. Thus one piece of Yuragi looks elegant, while its set of several pieces creates an inexplicable atmosphere of peace and calm. Yuragi is ideal tableware for a sophisticated city life, as well as for reception of special guests.